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The Pyramid Phenomenon

I’ve been volunteering at the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in August 2013 – which has been one of the most intriguing experiences I have ever made. I felt absorbed immediately by that powerful spirit of compassion, care and curiosity, something which comes just naturally. “This is how it should be…”, I thought many times, overwhelmed by the ineffability of my feelings. All of a sudden, life seems so real.

As a result, my interest in pyramids and ancient structures all over the world has exploded into a full-time passion. For most people, it is very hard to believe that there are in fact super-ancient pyramid structures at the European continent. But actually it is not a matter of belief: one just needs to open his eyes to accept what lies in front of him. Sometimes science seems to be no different from a religion when confronted with highly sensible, new evidence which dares to challenge the predominant paradigm.

The only thing wikipedia has to say about this topic, is that it is nothing more than natural hills. And, yeah, because history tells us that there is no possibility for such a highly sophisticated civilization to have ever existed in Europe, by logic it can only be natural, right? Right… My intent is not to judge anyone, but to encourage a certain openness of mind and a healthy use of common sense. So I wanted to illustrate that matter by comparing the Bosnian Pyramid Site with that of Teotihuacan, trying to show very clearly how such a structure looks when it is still covered by soil and vegetation, which has not yet been unearthed and cleaned and made accessible.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein

the Pyramid Phenomenon

The picture from 1900 definitely does not look like a pyramid – but it turned out to be exactly that! Now look at the picture on the right… I hope I could help open up a few more minds:)

All the best & good vibes

Snail Poem


Imagine one world
One small little snail
This one little snail
Be enchanted to fail
Unable to find
One snail of his kind

Some special day
He’s snailing around
Trying to pray
Only to be bound
To the one special thing
He never has found

On his way
Through the world
This sense of being hurled
On his way
Through the grass
He crosses his path
With a beautiful dragonfly
Just about to pass

What shall he say
Fears to be its pray
But destiny got no shame
And wants them to play
The unusual game
To try to be the same

Little snail feels excited
Not being alone
Feels no more frightened
Dragonfly having blown

Depression away

Finally this one
Special lil snail
Found the one

With whom he can stay.

∞ Christophe Novak 

Das Uni Vers


Phi Shell






Eines jeden Lebewesen
Ganz eig’ner Symphonie
Das gegeben, was gewesen
Dem Grundton Ur-­Melodie

Des einen Legato subtiler Gesang
Ein traumvoll’ Bild, voll Harmonie
Des andern’ Staccato wildes Tam Tam
Wie sie tanzen die Farben der Euphorie

« Andante moderato, vivace ad libitum ! »
Das Leben erwacht zur Phantasmagorie
Ein Orchesterwerk wie im Delirium
Dies Lichtspektakel der Synästhesie

So spielt es sich, das Uni Vers
Der Eine Klang, die Synergie
Wem das Licht, dem die Terz
Der die gold’ne Saite Phi

Hope & The Power of the Heart

“Hope is ubiquitous. Every few seconds, anywhere and anytime in this world we are given one more chance to favor and unfold the huge potential that is waiting in every very cradle. We must ensure without any hesitation to keep those who chose to betray their own kind from writing that viciously wrong and highly toxic language onto the innocence of white, blank paper.”

And.. Just as if in subtle musical support, Comptine d’un autre été enlightening the rooms of the pub I’ve been writing the previous lines in, a sweet sensation of melancholy and inner peace slowly filling up the little black holes of doubt within the depths of our hearts.

“Just follow the flow
The flow of your heart
For wherever you go
True passion will start”

Miss Irony

There are moments in life, where everything just feels endlessly wrong, where all of what you’ve been doing and working on and living for gets blurred and fuzzy, all your extraordinary visions and ideas covered up by the vicious fog of stagnation…

Well I can recall a whole bunch of those moments – and I learnt how important they are not only for your own development but especially for the development of your visions and ideas themselves! Of course you always try to blame anything but yourself in these situations, with a special focus on personifying abstract, imaginary thought constructs which seem to be in control of you and your life!

Now, in case of doubtful or insecure times, remember this: “Just when the caterpillar thought life was over it became a butterfly.” Let’s take it with humor then, shall we? =)

Irony, you sacred thing
You vicious cercle, angular ring
Define my life
My life for you
For you my wife
My big bijou


Nevertheless, I challenge you
Never say yes, unless you do
Know about the pretending show
You my dear will have to go


Irony, you big disgrace
Look at me, I show my face
My real face of condemnation
I’m sick of you, of suffocation


Christophe Novak ~