Snail Poem


Imagine one world
One small little snail
This one little snail
Be enchanted to fail
Unable to find
One snail of his kind

Some special day
He’s snailing around
Trying to pray
Only to be bound
To the one special thing
He never has found

On his way
Through the world
This sense of being hurled
On his way
Through the grass
He crosses his path
With a beautiful dragonfly
Just about to pass

What shall he say
Fears to be its pray
But destiny got no shame
And wants them to play
The unusual game
To try to be the same

Little snail feels excited
Not being alone
Feels no more frightened
Dragonfly having blown

Depression away

Finally this one
Special lil snail
Found the one

With whom he can stay.

∞ Christophe Novak 


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