Miss Irony

There are moments in life, where everything just feels endlessly wrong, where all of what you’ve been doing and working on and living for gets blurred and fuzzy, all your extraordinary visions and ideas covered up by the vicious fog of stagnation…

Well I can recall a whole bunch of those moments – and I learnt how important they are not only for your own development but especially for the development of your visions and ideas themselves! Of course you always try to blame anything but yourself in these situations, with a special focus on personifying abstract, imaginary thought constructs which seem to be in control of you and your life!

Now, in case of doubtful or insecure times, remember this: “Just when the caterpillar thought life was over it became a butterfly.” Let’s take it with humor then, shall we? =)

Irony, you sacred thing
You vicious cercle, angular ring
Define my life
My life for you
For you my wife
My big bijou


Nevertheless, I challenge you
Never say yes, unless you do
Know about the pretending show
You my dear will have to go


Irony, you big disgrace
Look at me, I show my face
My real face of condemnation
I’m sick of you, of suffocation


Christophe Novak ~


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